MourneQuest is Funding on Kickstarter!

MourneQuest is Funding on Kickstarter!

It finally has happened. MourneQuest is Funding on Kickstarter! We are delighted so far with all the support we have had for our MourneQuest campaign which launched on Kickstarter on 22 March. We very much appreciate the support of all backers that are helping make this dream a reality.

At the time of writing the over $30K of the $39K funding goal has been pledged. There are still 16 days left in the campaign and we still need your help to spread the word and help us get over the finish line. Here are a selection of images we have released during the campaign.

At this time we would like to thank the fantastic creative talents of John Farrelly (character creation) and Alan Perry (digital colourng & 3D sculpts). They have succeeded in bringing to life the mythical Irish characters and creatures from Garry McElherron’s teen novel.

Not only are the illustrations superb, but the miniatures when painted, are very impressive. One could ‘nearly believe’ they were around in Ireland at some time.

Bogbean miniatures paintedBatmans play MourneQuest

#IloveMourneQuest Competition

MourneQuest is Funding on Kickstarter!
Special Free to enter #competitions for non-backers & backers.
Win a copy of #MourneQuest !
Simply ‘Share’ the #IloveMourneQuest post on our Facebook page with your friends or Retweet the #IloveMourneQuest tweet on our Twitter page for a chance to win!
If you do both, you have two chances to win.
Competition ends 12 midnight 1 April GMT.
Full competition details on KS update.

Good luck everyone and thank you for supporting us on what we hope will be a magical journey.


MourneQuest live on Kickstarter on Thursday 22 March 2018

MourneQuest live on on 22 March 2018!

The wait is over… our new Irish fantasy 2-4 player fun cooperative board-game MourneQuest, based the novel by Garry McElherron, will be going live on Kickstarter on Thursday 22 March 2018.
We have brought to life the characters and monsters from the book with stunning artwork and matching miniatures.
The game is fun and challenging, easy to learn and is packed with theme from the Mourne Mountains and Irish mythology.
A leading industry reviewer recently advised, “I can’t wait to play it. It’s very cool!”


Here is a preview video from Beasts of War.
Here is the link to our MourneQuest landing page and sign-up for our e-newsletter.

And here is a special link to one of the hero characters being brought to life through time lapse colouring from Alan Perry of the line art of Captain Wonder Cartoons.

Dance of the Fireflies for sale at the UK Games Expo

We are delighted to advise our beautiful 2-6 player card game; Dance of the Fireflies by Oliver Brooks will be on sale at this year’s UK Games Expo, 1-3 June 2018.
The game recently received very high praise from Jeff at The Gaming Gang podcast. You can check it out here.
The review starts at approximately 45:30
You can per-order copies of collection at the UK Games Expo here.
Our booth is: 1-K12

UK Games Expo Booth

Codinca in Barnes & Noble stores

Our acclaimed pocket strategy game, Codinca is being sold across 550 Barnes & Noble stores in the USA. At the time of writing it’s currently ‘out of stock’ in their web store, so grab a copy in your local store.


Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice on sale in USA

Finally, we just wanted to let you know our US partner, Ninja Division currently has our Award Winning, Best #FamilyGame on sale on their webstore You can grab a copy here for just $29.99

Till next time…remember #gamingisgood

UK Games Expo 2017 Exclusives

Dance of the FirefliesUK GAMES EXPO 2017

This weekend 2-4 June is the fantastic UK Games Expo in Birmingham. The biggest boardgame event in the UK.

Each year for the last six years Backspindle Games have brought lots of fun and games to the Expo. It has got bigger and better, and so have we!
This weekend we have two new game exclusives for you to try at our booth.


The first is a 2-6 player strategy game called Dance of the Fireflies by designer Oliver Brooks.

We’ll have to say it is a beautiful game, definitely the prettiest we have ever published.

Players are each allocated seven Fireflies. Then they try to out-bid, out-manoeuvre their opponents to create the most beautiful flower beds and win the prize job of Head Gardener.

If you’d like to meet him, the game designer Oliver, will hopefully be at our booth on Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

The game is due for worldwide release at Spiel, Essen in October 2017  and is going to print shortly.

You can pre-order your own copy here.


MourneQuestThe second game, MourneQuest, is a 2 – 4 player cooperative boardgame, based on the fantasy teen novel of the same name by Garry McElherron.

It’s due to be launched on Kickstarter in July 2017 and is packed full of Irish Mythical creature and character miniatures.

Players have to work together to stop the Nightmares being released and then prepare themselves as best they can to face the old War Dog, The Shimnavore, in a final battle.

To do this they have to collect resources, legendary artefacts and deal with the pesky Bogbeans.

The Nightmares

The Nightmares are imprisoned on discs on four sides of the uniquely shaped Celtic Cross playing board. At the end of each player’s turn the discs randomly move. Players must be on their toes to managed this fast changing threat.  If not, the Nightmares will be released and all will be lost…

Each player is represented by a uniquely sculpted character miniature, each with their own special skill and can add to their powers by collecting legendary artefacts.

But beware, if they spend too much time looking for artefacts, the Nightmares will be released.

If you wish to be added to our newsletter for more information prior to the Kickstarter you can sign-up here.


We are delighted to be hLuchador Tag-Teamosting a Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice Tag-Team Tournament at our booth on the ‘Friday morning from 11am’ Cool prizes from US TV Wrestling Show Lucha Underground are up for grabs.

You need to sign up your Tag-Team name here to join the fun. It will be a fast & furious fun tournament. Winners take all! Players are encouraged to wear Luchador Costumes (Cos-Play) and masks to add to the spectacle. (Entries limited to 16 teams).


Finally if you wish to collect either Luchador! , Discworld Clacks, or Codinca at the special pre-order prices you can order them from the following links:  Luchador   Clacks   Codinca

You can find all of this and the charming Team Backspindle at Booth G18.

We are here Expo