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Welcome to Backspindle Games – Designers of fun and strategy board games such as Guards! Guards! A Discworld® boardgame (based on the books of Sir Terry Pratchett®), Codinca, Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice and Clacks.

We were established in Northern Ireland in 2010 with the focus on delivering high end game products. As our company grows we are investing in research and development of further games so that we can bring our fans more enjoyment and engagement with our products! Our desire over the next few years is publish more games and products in different languages to sell around the world. In the past few years we have been regular exhibitors at Spiel, Essen and the UK Games Expo.

Our philosophy is that you are never too old or too young to have fun with friends playing interactive, cooperative and strategic games. Feel free to join us on Twitter or like our games on Facebook as we love listening and interacting with fans.

Sir Terry Pratchett chats with Backspindle Boys, Leonard Boyd and David Brashaw

Sir Terry Pratchett chats with Backspindle Boys, Leonard Boyd and David Brashaw

We feel that ‘theme and balance’ are vital to enjoyable game-play and are delighted with quotes from players about how they feel we have achieved this in our games to date.
To receive the Best New family Game of the Year at the UK Games Expo 2014 for Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice was a fantastic honor. Thank you to all of the thousands who voted.
We are very honored to have published our second Discworld board game, Clacks, in the autumn of 2015.  Our regular news will be in our newsletter, our blog and via Twitter etc.

Codinca - The perfect game at coffee time.

Codinca – The perfect game at coffee time.

In June 2016 we released the 2nd edition of Codinca at the UK Games Expo, where it was loved. We are hoping it will become a family favourite, filler game and travel companion.

We are currently working on new games for 2017. Dance of the Fireflies and later MourneQuest.

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